Play station 3 actualizando al 99%

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Juegos “avanzados”

Un pequeño listado de juegos que pueden ser interesantes para niños de 9 a 13 años. Una edad difícil: no pueden ser muy infantilones pero tampoco para adolescentes o adultos (como el Call of Duty, el juego de moda):



  • Star Wars- KoTOR, un RPG occidental casi mítico. Contiene un giro argumental (plot twist)  memorable, sin parangón en la historia de los videojuegos (bueno, está Torment, pero este es para adultos). La segunda parte está muy bien, aunque queda claro que la sacaron antes de tiempo (sólo PC, me temo…)
  • Portal, el juego de puzzles 3D sin argumento. Ja ja. Bueno, hay que jugarlo. La segunda parte es también excelente.


  • Under construction …

wii save games region change

So I got stuck in Zelda Skyward Sword. This is actually a bit hard (details below), unless you are stuck in the famous Song of the Hero bug, which is amply covered in the web (with Nintendo offering a channel just to fix it).

Anyway, I think it is interesting to know how to install save games from other people, even from another region. Not only if you are stuck: you can jump straight to advanced stages of a game (or earlier ones) for whatever reason.


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Hybrid games

I am basically an “adventure gamer”, in the sense that I play games for their stories. It turns out, there are not so many adventure games (AGs) around, and some have rather weak stories to tell (plus I don’t like puzzles so much, which are hard to avoid in the AG genre.) But! there are other games that may have strong storylines, typically role playing games (RPGs), even though some action games have pretty decent plots sometimes. Here is a list I have painstakingly collected, of such hybrid games.

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Monsieur Michel Ancel

I have tried few games designed by famous designer Michel Ancel: Beyond Good and Evil and Rayman 1 and 2: The great escape (not that he has many more). And I must say, he seems to be one of these designers whose character is imprinted in the final game (like, say, Tim Schafer or Ron Gilbert). His absence is painfully patent in Rayman 3 which completely lacks the innocence and magic of the previous games (I still have to try Rayman Raving Rabbids, but I am afraid the same will apply).

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