Hello! This is Daniel Duque, a physicist working at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. This pages are devoted to various things that haunt me: physics and science, hobbies, and stuff I find interesting (at least at some moment). Check my official UPM home page for some interesting stuff, and perhaps also my other web pages at wiki sites.


About style

I have moved some of my writings here since I am tired of html editing and I wanted separation of content and form (one of my mottos). I.e., this page is maintained as a blog, and looks like one, but I don’t really want to run a proper blog. I just want an utility to simplify writing and categorizing entries.

If I could, I would keep the usual design with “Research”, “Personal”, “Sports” links and so on, and no emphasys on the last entry. It is therefore better to go straight for the “category” part of the navigation column, or the “tag cloud” than to read the last entries in order, since they are usually input in no particular order.

About language

You guessed right, I am not a native English speaker. My native tongue is Spanish. But most of my friends, colleagues, and family understand English, that’s why I have chosen to use it for the most part. Entries that are about things very Spanish (like, say, local hockey resources) will be written in Spanish.


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