Monsieur Michel Ancel

I have tried few games designed by famous designer Michel Ancel: Beyond Good and Evil and Rayman 1 and 2: The great escape (not that he has many more). And I must say, he seems to be one of these designers whose character is imprinted in the final game (like, say, Tim Schafer or Ron Gilbert). His absence is painfully patent in Rayman 3 which completely lacks the innocence and magic of the previous games (I still have to try Rayman Raving Rabbids, but I am afraid the same will apply).

So, for example: in these games you do not typically “defeat” or “kill” enemies, but rather “overcome” them.

In Rayman 1, the fist “boss fight”, against a giant mosquito, is finished with the poor thing sad and tired – so of course Rayman consoles him, taps him gently, and the next mission takes place riding the new winged friend. (That’s where I stopped playing because Rayman is hard-core 2D platform game that’s too far a departure from my preferences.)

In Rayman 2, a whole mission turns out to be a hallucination induced by a “boss”, so the boss fight does not even take place. Rayman is rewarded the Water of Life when he renounces the riches he finds in his vision.

BG&E has lots (lots!) of stealth, where no confrontation occurs, but you have to sneak past adversaries. In none of these games are points awarded for destroying anything. Also, “enemies” are often not “evil”.


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