Console games

I am pretty happy with PC gaming, but there are some games out there that would make me get one of those consoles:

  • Katamari Damacy (PS2). Really original game in which you have to roll stuff up to form a star.
  • Ico and Shadow of the Colossus (PS2), by Fumito Ueda. Epic Japanese action.
  • Ōkami (PS2).  More Japanese action.
  • God of War. Large “bosses”, like in Shadow of the Colossus.
  • Mass effect (xbox 360). Sci-fi game with many adventure features. (Luckily, it’s coming to the PC too.)
  • Assasins creed (PS3). I’ve heard it’s impressive at first, but gets repetitive after a while. Plus, it’s available on PC already, it seems.
  • Halo series (mostly XBOX). Are they really that good? I tend to dislike first person shooters.

Ico cover


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