Nuevo Rock Americano

A quick look back to some groups that got bunched into the “Nuevo Rock Americano”, at least in Spain. They had some things in common, at least the ones at the top of  the list… but others were clearly misplaced (The Cramps).

A highlight of this period: a song that was a great success back then: The Long Ryders’ Looking for Lewis and Clark. I mean, it was the only decent song that played in the sorry places I used to visit when I was young. I still love the AGEm riff, really dramatic (due to the “m”, of course).

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Los campesinos!

Los campesinos! (the peasants! – you knew that if you know Spanish.) They sound exactly the way I like! Remind me of Sonic Youth, but much much happier. (Proof: Teenage Riot, one of SY’s lighter songs. It sounds similar to me in spirit.)

Fabulous indie band from Wales! Hear some samples at goear. Or this nice youtube video clip of their famous You! Me! Dancing!. Or, the wikipedia entry. Or, grab the fine song It started with a mixx from KEXP‘s song of the day.