Scientific linux

A quick list of software you will need if you want your linux scientific. Only open projects, many mainstream software (maple, matlab…) also have commercial linux versions.


Math, numerics






  • LaTeX
  • emacs (don’t forget the AucTeX extension for LaTeX)



Of course, there is scientific linux, a whole linux distro that is oriented to science. Also, poseidon linux (oceanography), bio linux (biology), and CAElinux (mechanical engineering).


4 thoughts on “Scientific linux

  1. It’s a great list,

    But I think that you forgot the most important articles writer for scientifics.
    If you finish you multipyisic simulation using OpenFOAM + ParaView + CGAL you maybe want to write an article about it.

    You have to use LaTeX 😀

    Best Regards from Colombia

    PD: Scientific Linux it’s based on Arch Linux, that sound good…

    • That’s correct, I forgot LaTeX. I forgot other things I use so much I take for granted: CGAL, gnumeric libs… I’ll add them in a revised entry. Thanks!

  2. Hola, Daniel. Ha sido muy curioso caer en tu blog buscando información sobre la thermomix. Aparte de saludarte y agradecerte la idea de comprar una TM21, quería comentarte que Sage no creo que esté muy bien clasificado dentro del software de computación simbólica. Sage pretende substituir simultáneamente a Maple y Mathematica, pero también a Matlab. De hecho, con Sage se pueden hacer cálculos usando numpy u octave.

    Por cierto, que en la lista a lo mejor querrías añadir numpy, si te parece bien.

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