Ubuntu USB stick creation

It’s funny,but I don’t think ubuntu’s installation instructions ubuntu’s installation instructions make this clear. The easiest way to install ubuntu from a USB stick is to download and burn the CD. Then, boot from it and claim you want to “try ubuntu”. All this, on a computer with a CD unit, of course.

Then, click the top-left button with the ubuntu logo in it to search for “startup disk creator”.

This is actually the same program as the one on the desktop named “Install ubuntu”,but the later assumes you want to install it onto your local disk, while the former automatically assumes you want to transfer the system onto a stick (if one is inserted). Wait about 15m and the system will be loaded and ready to be inserted in the computer you want.



2 thoughts on “Ubuntu USB stick creation

  1. I recently wanted to install (x)ubuntu onto another computer. Turns out the utility is not even installed, but it still can be found in the ubuntu software center, with the name “Startup Disk Creator (usb-creator-gtk)”. Easy to find searching for “startup”. It doesn’t show in the menu, however, must be started from command-line “running usb-creator-gtk”.

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