multivolume rar-ing

This is a problem I encounter quite often. I have this huge file, perhaps an iso image (say, a linux distro), which I want to transfer somewhere. But the transfering medium (external HD, usb drive…) does not take such long files since it has an old DOS FAT formating (for compatibility with linux, e.g.).

The good old tar command can split this file, but I think rar is easier to use. Just issue this command to split the file into 1Gb chunks:

rar a -m0 -v1G /media/498A-DFE9/myiso.rar myiso.iso

“-m0” means no compression, since the transfer copy is usually temporary and can will be erased later. No “-m” switch means “-m3”, the usual compression. “-v1G”, means “split in 1G chunks”, and is actually not documented in the man page for rar (only k, b, and f are)  – but it works for me.


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