Spider Oak

It seems I have found a solution for my longstanding problems regarding file sharing: SpiderOak!

I like the logo, too

I currently use four computers (desktop, netbook, old laptop, new laptop), for different purposes. Moreover, some of them have dual OSs. How to make sure files are synchronized between them? Two methods are:

  • Manually, with scp – sftp, pen drives, external drives, CDs, DVDs, intermediate web storage, etc.
  • Through google docs, either as storage or as “cloud computer”

The second one is great if one has access to public computers since documents are everywhere to be seen are edited. But, prompted by the existence of ubuntu One, I checked whether openSUSE were providing something similar. Actually, they refer to the SpiderOak service, which is cross-platform, and offers 2Gb backup space for free (openSUSE get a 15% discount on further storage).

Here how I setup synching:

  • First, as usual, one has to create an account. As I said, the first 2Gb are free.
  • For each  computer that has not been set up:
    • I install a local SpiderOak program, choosing the appropriate name for the devide (e.g. linux on acer one).
    • I create a folder named SpiderOak (on Documents in windows, or my home dir in linux)
    • I only select this folder for back-up (“advaced” button)
    • I then add it to a share that includes all these folders named SpiderOak in different systems
  • That’s it.When something is to be shared, I copy it to this folder. It will get backed-up automatically (if SpiderOak is running, and some time for the upload is provided). The other machines will download it automatically (provided again SpiderOak is running, and some time is allowed).

This is a system for “hot files” I am working on: documents, the most urgent presentation, my current programming. As these things get colder, they should be erased from the shared folder (or else, I have to pay to get more space).


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