Ishiguro’s Never let me go

Some thoughts about  Ishiguro‘s fine novel Never Let Me Go.


While being very similar to other Ishiguro’s works in the way it is written, this is the one that has touched me the most, probably because of the children element. It is not surprise that the main characters (and the narrator) are clones, specifically raised to serve as organ donor for “normal” people, it think even the cover mentions this. But there may be more to it.

Some thoughts:

  • They may indeed not be completely normal. Apart from the modifications that are explicitly mentioned (sterility, either intentional or not), the complete acceptance of their situation hints at a deeper psychological manipulation on these individuals. It is telling that the most daring alteration of the plans laid down for these people is just a deferral of their fate. So is the fact that they willingly apply to start the process, out of boredom.
  • The repulsion “normal” people feel about them could be related to this fact. Or, just plain guilt. Or perhaps envy, if they turn out to be above average people in some sense (the narrator is one of them, and she is in no position to make comparisons, but how good are the works taken to “The Gallery”? (This would connect with the well-known Blade Runner plot.)
  • It the whole novel some kind of allegory about our denial of our inevitable death? How we shelter our children from this fact, as if we could live forever?
  • I just love Ruth’s character, despite her many flaws (because of them, maybe). Is Ms Keira Knightley up to the task? We’ll see.

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