Redundant chords

To play a powerful guitar chord one can choose to include as many notes as possible… or double the ones that are played. An example of the former would be (in tablature):

C: 3-3-2-0-1-0  (an unorthodox thumb may be used for the low G

An example of the later:

C: x-3-5-0-5-0 (x means muted)

Notice the “same” G and E is played twice!

(It’s never the same, you know. There’s a nice article about a letter from Richard Feynman partly about this fact. So Feynman knew string theory ha ha.)

I knew about these possibilities when playing, e.g. this E7:

E7: 0-7-6-7-5-0 (a Hendrix E chord would end thus: 8-0, rings nicely in Pixies’ Brick is Red)

But I noticed how nice Death Cab for Cutie’s Crooked Teeth verse sequence sounds.

The sequence: Em-A7-C-G

The chords:

Em: (0)-7-5-0-0-0

A7: 5-7-5-6-5-5 (this one’s the usual)

C: x-3-5-0-5-0 (as above)

G: 3-5-0-0-0-3

This also has to do with my switching back to electric guitar… but being unable to plug it most of the time! (What with the kids running around).


3 thoughts on “Redundant chords

  1. Wow,

    Read your blog is very interesting, I’ve never seen before this kind of mixtures (scientisfic-personal-social-blog).

    Death Cab for Cutie is a very good band (I’ve never listened it before but… wow).

    Well, thank for your posts, I’m not yet about one half of reading your blog but keep reading.

    Best regards

    • Thanks a lot. I know there is not a great deal that connects all posts, even though there are clear clusters (LaTeX, for example). I just post whatever I think is interesting, at least for me, from everyday stuff (lacing) to unreadable stuff related to my research (e.g. the last few posts).

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