My new laptop: ASUS K52JR-SX029V

Just a collection of impressions about my new laptop, an ASUS K52JR-SX029V.

Some stuff (or links) be in Spanish.

Why this computer

  • Thanks to SIE, the vendors, for their good advice.
  • According to them, ASUS provides very good technical service, perhaps due to a recent assembly plant in Portugal. Others may be slower to respond, and charge some shipping. Other companies to consider are sony and toshiba.
  • It seems quite important a new system includes the new intel processors: i3, i5, and i7. It seems the manufacturers are still trying to sell the old stock, so it’s actually hard to find these. I had to actually search for these names in the websites. By the way:
  • ASUS’ website largely sucks. But then, most of the manufacturers’ sites do, including lenovo, HP, sony, and Toshiba. The only decent one is perhaps dell. They are also the only ones to include a section for the public sector and education (and research), not just “home” and “business”.
  • Other runner-ups:
    • ASUS K52F-SX062X (i3, less disk, worse graphics card and only about 100€ cheaper)
    • TOSHIBA PSSEOE-00600XCE, aka Satellite Pro S500-10D (comparable to the one above)
    • TOSHIBA PSLWTE-00500KCEV (really nice, but about 150€ more).
    • There’s a Toshiba T500 (I think) I saw on sale that’s actually quite comparable.


  • Screen size: the standard, which seems to be 15’4 these days (looks huge to me, but it seems smaller or larger is worse).
  • The keyboard: it’s nice to have a complete keyboard, with the numeric pad. The keys are separated, which is also ok, but they are a bit on the soft side. I guess a USB keyboard is needed for heavy typing.
  • The pad: I think it’s ok. I’ve read some complaints, but I thinks is as good (and bad) as the usual pad. Plus, you don’t have the annoying scrolling sections at the botton and the right, you can scroll with two fingers instead of one.
  • The sound is actually too loud!
  • Face recognitions seems to work decently, except at low light, or strong contrast.
  • OS: The general impression is that Windows 7 is greatly better than Vista. It feels so, but I still more time. It clearly looks very much like Vista, which I don’t mind. I have installed SUSE 11.1 linux under Sun’s Virtual Box, as I had done before. I will update the entry accordingly, recording my new learnings.


  • Intel Core i5-520 2,4 GHz
  • 4 GB de memoria
  • VGA ATI DH 5470 1 GB
  • Pantalla 15.6” TFT
  • Regrabador DVD
  • Webcam
  • Bluetooth
  • HDMI
  • W 7 Home Premium 64 bits
  • Garantía 1 año
  • DD 500 GB

Update — reinstalling

Sooner or later, windows must be reinstalled. After experiencing random halts for several minutes (related to flash player, I think), I thought the time had come. Resetting is very easy: typing F9 at start up brings a minimal windows environment to re-install the system. It is interesting to keep the data partition intact with interesting stuff: e.g. software, docs, movies, and a large virtual drive for virtual box. Of course, some things must be updated right after restarting. Some notes:

  • Do not ever, ever, update the ATI drivers from the ATI site. It will mess your graphic system. Badly. Had to reinstall twice myself…
  • On the other hand, updated drivers from the official site are ok. They are not “the latest”. But, they are very likely the latest that won’t screw up your system.
  • Software I need: chrome. Or firefox. Anything but MS Iexplorer.
  • VirtualBox (the saved virtual drive works flawlessly, as if the system had never changed.
  • SpiderOak. I found it best to claim this is a “new” device, otherwise it takes ages for the old data to be restored (if at al…)
  • Dropbox.
  • ssh client. Trying smartty, since putty since to be a bit unsafe.
  • mounting CD images: winCDEmu (same guys as smartty).

8 thoughts on “My new laptop: ASUS K52JR-SX029V

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  3. Is it easy to find this model in a “normal” shop (i.e. pccity, fnac, …)?
    I must buy a laptop before the end of this month!

    • Not this model, but they do carry a superior model in fnac (notice prices include VAT):

      This sony model is comparable:

      Also Pau, on your daily way to lunch you can check the nice Toshiba they have on display at the store in Pabellón B 😉 It’s about 800€, VAT incl.

      • WOW! Fnac’s ASUS is just scary… not only the prize but 4 CPUs and 8Gb! I’m tempted 😉
        You had a Sony-VAIO, didn’t you? Was it good?
        I want to install Linux and follow your Virtual Box advice. Will there be any problem with these models?

      • No, these are scary. The price is also scary, too.

        Our Sony-VAIO is good. Very nice display, silent. The pad buttons are beginning to peel off a bit, though. And the Vista gave us some issues, but that’s Microsoft fault. I like the keyboard, it’s a bit better than the ASUS. The metal casing is also great.

        I don’t think linux inside a VBox in a Windows host system will be any problem, actually. Plus, there are many linuxes to try on, I even installed a minimal linux which worked just fine.

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