New LaTeX directions

Prompted by my friend Jan Hlavacek, I have compiled a list of recent and exciting developments in the TeX world. Good reads inculde

The list:

  • beamer (see post)
  • posters (see post)
  • XeTeX (see post)
  • LaTeX markup in wikipedia and google docs (see  post)
  • luatex, combining the lua language and TeX
  • pgf, a TeX macro package for generating graphics
  • The LaTeX3 project, a long-term research project to develop the next version of the LaTeX typesetting system (currently at LaTeX2e).
  • Support for BiBTeX in some journals (e.g., the APS, the AMS). And, on the WoK, which must be quite recent (I have just noticed).
  • mplib (Mmmh, couldn’t find anything about this…).


Prompted by Jan:

  • luatex has a (shortish) wikipedia entry.
  • MPLib is an extended MetaPost library module. There is some info at the luatex site, but a wikipedia entry has not been written (go write one yourself!). MetaPost does have an entry.
  • Very exciting developments in fonts (both related to luatex):
    • latin modern, “derived from the famous Computer Modern fonts designed by Donald E. Knuth
    • TeX gyre fonts, “an extensive remake and extension of the freely available 35 base PostScript fonts distributed with Ghostscript ver. 4.00”. (I love the word gyre, too. See ocean gyres.)
  • The Ipe drawing editor. Looks very nice – to tell the truth, I am still struggling with inkscape, which looks incredibly powerful.

And, some stuff I’ve discovered on my own:

  • BibTeX tools for microsoft word: Bibshare (made in Spain).
  • LaTeX markup in google docs (ok, I had another entry on this).
  • LaTeX typing in MathType.
  • LaTeX into power point: TexPoint and TeX4PPT.

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