ATI config under linux

About the only problem I have with my OpenSUSE 11.1 on my desktop PC at work is the ATI graphic card configuration. Each time I upgrade the kernel I have to rebuild the module again, so I enclose here a list of steps that seem to work fine. I have taken these from pongaunagujeronegroensuvida.

  1. Obtain the latest ATI drivers, some large file named “” or similarly.
  2. Go to text mode (su -; init 3).
  3. Run it as a superuser (su – ; sh ati-driver… etc ), select direct install.
  4. Run aticonfig –initial -f
  5. Try aticonfig –overlay-type=Xv, although it may do nothing.
  6. Run sax2 -r -m 0=fglrx. Hopefully, it will present a X valid config screen; say “OK”.
  7. Reboot normaly.
  8. Each time the kernel is upgraded: reboot in secure mode, the X server will fail, but press crtl+atl+F1, go to step 3.

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