Today, I had the strange experience of rendering a LaTeX source producing a pdf with a perfect verdana font. Simply by including some lines in the header of the source (“preamble”), then invoking xelatex.After struggling with fonts in TeX for years, it seems like a miracle that the mere invocation of a font’s name “just works” (I still have to research equation fonts, another long-standing issue). But the XeTeX project is more ambitious, since it aims to join unicode and TeX, thus providing a professional typesetting solution for characters such as Chinese, Japanese, Georgian, Arabic, Hebrew…

This is the code I had produced in verdana. Just two lines of code changed! Notice also the document class is not quite standard, being the exam class (nice for tests and exams).






This is the first link when searching “tetex” in google images. Beautiful example, with source partly in Tamil, and a resulting pdf in perfect (I guess) Tamil style. The beauty stands in sharp contrast with the stupid (and only) comment on the blog’s entry.


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