Math fonts for (La)TeX

How could I have overlooked this Survey of Free Math Fonts for TeX and LaTeX! An excellent read, it shows the author has himself been involved in font design. As I mentioned in my entry on XeTeX,  it is great to have many fonts for text (and XeTeX really takes a leap forward in this direction). But, fonts in mathematics should match.

This usually shows in the formulas having “thin” fonts, if these are taken from the original font designed for TeX (Computer Modern). Nevertheless, I decided to use bookman for my PhD thesis. Back then, I could not have used


to get pretty formulas (I will do this whenever I have the time in order to produce a finer pdf, but of course the printed copies will remain the same).

Addendum about MS Comic Sans

There are many fonts I love in this survey. And one I don’t,   \usepackage{comicsans} ???!!!??? That certainly sounds like a weird combination. I really don’t like Comic Sans, see:

And for crying out loud, don’t use this font for serious stuff, like scientific presentations. It just looks childish.


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