Simple linux backup software

I have been looking for some simple linux backup software for some time. There is this nice program called, precisely, simple linux backup software that seems to be doing the job just fine.

I have this computer with two large hard drives. I really don’t know how to use one of them, so I thought I could just keep it for backups. For this particular case (no network, no client/server needs, etc), the program is amazing. It’s so simple, it needs no installing; it just sits there, in its directory, waiting to be configured. Once it is done, with the usual options (what to backup, what to avoid, onto where, when), it readilly configures the cron part with its own tool (how? I don’t even have super-user privileges!). When the time comes, it creates an incremental .tar.gz backup file and a log file that’s quite easy to read.

Just a note: what to avoid? Besides the usual tmp/ tmp/ Music/ trash/ temp/ directories, it’s a good idea (in some cases) to avoid .VirtualBox/HardDisks if VirtualBox is used. Otherwise, the whole virtual disks are backed up every time they are changed, even if just a single file (these “disks” are just files for the guest OS), and the information within them is really not that important to keep in many cases. (Perhaps just a snapshot once and then should do.)


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