mplayer and mencoder spells

The program mplayer is easily the simplest solution to get DVD playing on a system (with smplayer providing a nice GUI). It turns out it even provides a tool to rip DVD titles. Here are some spells.

To rip a title:

mencoder dvd://3 -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts  vcodec=mpeg4:mbd=1:vbitrate=1800:v4mv:autoaspect
-vobsubout title3  -sid 1 -aid 129 -o title3.avi

This rips title 3, uses no sound compression, but lavc compression for video, with a bunch of nice options (I must have taken these from the man page). The “vobsubout” selects the subtitle file name. “-sid” selects the subtitle channel (there can be many: different languages, comments…), and “-aid” the audio channel (likewise); defaults for the later are 0 and 128, I think.

mencoder dvd://1 -oac copy -ovc copy -vobsubout title1 -sid 1  -o /dev/null

This rips just the subtitles, throwing away video and sound.

mplayer  -aspect 16:9 title1.avi -vobsub comments/title1

This plays the title, with a subtitle file different from the default one (which must be in the same directory and have the same name). Nice for comment subtitles.


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