Donjon, the Dungeon. Imagine you are a restless comic artist like, say, Joann Sfar or Lewis Trondheim, with many such friends. Imagine you want to keep occupied for several years, maybe the rest of your life. What do you do?

These are the steps these fine artist seem to have taken:

  • Think about several interesting characters to develop
  • Begin to write a saga in linear order, starting with “levels” 1,2,3…
  • Then, write their background stories, starting with -99,-98,-97…
  • Also, write the aftermath, beginning with 101,102,103…
  • Fill in the gaps! No necessarily in order. E.g., write a +75 if you feel like it.
  • Then, add a subseries about secondary characters.
  • Then, why not, subseries in between main the main series. Like “Donjon parade”, between levels 1 & 2.

It all seems a bit overwhelming. Of course, the gaps may never be filled, and the resulting comic books already form a very nice, closed saga, with around 20 books as of Fall 2008.

I’ll finish off with a favorite quote:

La ceinture du Destin : Avant de tirer l’épée, il te faudra accomplir trois hauts faits !!!… Trois hauts faits avec les doigts nus de tes mains nues…

Herbert de Vaucanson : Un haut fait genre quoi? … Aider à éteindre un incendie? Adopter un orphelin? … Une action méritante altruiste et hautement morale, c’est ça?
La ceinture du Destin : NON! Plutôt tuer un gros monstre d’un seul coup de coude!

Cœur de canard, Lewis Trondhein, Joann Sfar, éd. Delcourt, coll. Donjon Zénith, 1998, t. 1


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