Thermomix – the sect

So, we finally got ourselves one of those Thermomix robots. Some thoughts one why its followers can be called a sect:

  • They despise all those ignorant of their secret.
  • They speak a language unintelligible to anyone not a follower (5-7-9, then 7 sec at 6, 80)
  • They know by heart the teachings contained in “The Book”…
  • which, by they way, used to be titled “A new Dawning” and show a sunrise, with the machine replacing the Sun (reminds one of Alistair_Crowley’s Golden Dawn.). Not in the new version, it seems. Really tacky picture, couldn’t find it on the net, so I’ll have to upload it myself.

Serious stuff follows…

Never heard of them? You might not be from Spain, the leading country in buying this fine German tool. In a nutshell, it combines a powerful mixer with a thermostated heater, plus a weight and cronometer. Seems simple enough, but it seems no-one else does it. Some robots heat up, some mix, but no other at the same time…

Anyway, my advice is to buy second hand, thus lowering the imposing 940€ oficial price (Spain, 2008) to about 800€ or less. Better still, grab the “old” model, TM21, for about 450€. Changes from this model to the new one are relatively few, imho. In fact, the similarities between the two where highlighted as a great advantage (since, e.g., recipes did not change.) You can get 2nd hand ones on ebay, or contacting a seller. These things are not sold in stores, you have to contact a seller; and they usually have a network of second hand machines.

Some interesting links:

  • Nice article in El Mundo (in Spanish)
  • Vorwerk, the company. Spaniards: please pronounce it “Forberk”.
  • Mithermomix, the site from the leading seller.
  • More to follow, as I discover them.

More links, as I promised, of interesting sites (i.e. different from the ones that show up in google when you look up so recipe):

  • La Cocina de Auro, lots of nice recipes, some ethnic ones too (guacamole).
  • Recetario Canecositas, many more recipes. I mean, many.
  • Recetas de Mama, home cooking, as the name implies.
  • larsvontrier.blogspot, interesting guy. Lots of philosophy. Excellent recipes, specially breads (naan bread!). I don’t think he’s the Lars von Trier, though.
  • Lo de Carlos Valencia, a professional cook, it would seem. Impossible cakes.
  • All these are in Spanish, yet I keep using the English language. Why?

19 thoughts on “Thermomix – the sect

  1. We got a new one as a present, but we bought another one on ebay (to replace my mama’s 20 year old one). It was one TM21, it was half price, and worth it.

    Bienvenido a la secta 🙂

  2. Yes, I finally reached the conclusion that the TM21 is very similar. Despite some buyer’s claims that its components are not dishwasher-safe. False (but, NEVER put the blades in the dishwasher!)

  3. Spain and Italy with their food-loving, life-enjoying people are the biggest market for the Thermomix. For most germans, food must be cheap and the same goes for food-processors. That`s why the TM isn`t as popular in it`s home country as it is in the south of europe.
    Progress on the US market seems to be slow but the first english (canadian) TM-cooking workshop videos have appeared on youtube und the german TM-community is going to launch an international TM-recipe database in the near future.
    The TM21 is very similar to the TM31 indeed. The differences are well thought-through details which you don`t want to miss after a while but if you don`t know them, the TM21 is still a very good choice.

  4. Yes, a friend of ours commented that quality food is termed “restaurant style” in the USA, whereas in Spain it would be “home style”. About Germans, I don’t know that much, but I gather they are very practical people.

    Technically, I am finding the TM very practical for recipes that involves lots of stirring. So, it all boils down to the kind of food you are preparing.

    I know the TM31 is better, but a second-hand TM21 really made sense to our economy!

  5. What is this “Sunrise on the Cover” book you are talking about? I purchased a used tm21 and need a book that explains the basics of the machine and gives some basic recipes. Where can I get such a book?

    • In Spain these things usually come with a handy book, with lots of recipes, and a cheese cover showing a “setting TM21”. Perhaps they don’t always give it, or not in all countries. I think I have seen the book, and some others, on ebay.

    • Is this vaguely spammish? OK, I’ll accept the comment even if it links to a well known Thermomix seller. About the question, I have no idea on how to get one of these in the USA. Perhaps the manufacturer, Vorwerk, carries a list of sellers.

  6. Hello from sunny Spain,
    I hope this helps… the ukthermomix site has got some recipes. And there are very nice english recipes in the Australian thermomix books. I think you can buy them somehow through the website:
    There is a whole lot of english recipes books in that site.
    Also, note that for Italy and Portugal the Thermomix name changes to Bimby. And there are many nice books in italian and Portuguese…

    One last thing: if you are cooking with a tm21, but the recipe is from the tm31 book, note that you need to slow the speed in one point/one and a half. And the other way round; from tm21 speed 4 recipe would be 5.5 in a tm31 machine.

      • Yes, for example, A very good lasagna can be ruin if instead of little peaces of vegetables and meat turns into a messy purée… this are tm21 vs tm31equivalences in speed/revolutions
        Comparativa Velocidad-Revoluciones
        Thermomix TM-31 y Thermomix TM-21.
        Thermomix TM-31

        spoon – 40
        1 – 100
        2 – 350
        3 – 700
        4 – 1100
        5 – 2000
        6 – 3250
        7 – 5500
        8 – 6500
        9 – 7600
        10 – 10200
        Turbo – 10200
        Thermomix TM-21

        1 – 100
        2 – 350
        3 – 1000
        4 – 1800
        5 – 3200
        6 – 4600
        7 – 6000
        8 – 7300
        9 – 8700
        ALso the tm31 takes a bit longer to warm up. That would be important if you are making yoghourt.

        One last bit I just got to know: the uk site just published a whole book for easy indian recipes in thermmomix. I think I will buy it from Spain :-))
        Best regards,

  7. Hi,

    Thinking to buy a Thermomix myself, in fact, going to a demonstration in the RDS, Dublin in 2 weeks time.
    Well, would say that will go for a second had one as most of you suggested. Makes sense!

    Thanks a million!

  8. I would absolutely love the Thermomix TM31
    I’ve been to a few demonstrations and it was great but just have trouble justifying the almost $2,000 for it. I think they are hugely overpriced. I know it replaces alot of your kitchen appliances but I moved into a new home and started with new again and you get next to nothing for them if I sell them. Do you all really make all your meals or is it mainly sorbets, dips, dough and custard?

    • It is overpriced. About 1000€ plus in Europe, I guess it can go up to $2000 in the US with the current exchange plus shipping. That’s why I chose a used one, and the previous model, TM21, for 400€. I mainly use it for dough, pies, custard, purees, and sauces. Not all our meals, but it is a great help, still.

    • I paid 1200 Euros in 2000, and I do not sell my thermomix for anything in the world. Now I live in the US and I am looking for a converter to use it. it was the best appliance ever!

  9. My friends have been asking me if the Thermomix is just as great for home cooks as it is for pro chefs, I would always tell them it depends on how often you cook. It’s a little pricy but if you make use of it properly and most of the time then the price shouldn’t be a problem.

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