Our new laptop

We have a new laptop, a Sony Vaio. Here are some comments on the process that led to this choice, which ended up being, in a nutshell:

  • Apple vs Sony
  • Mac OS vs Vista vs linux

First of all, it was a medium-to high end laptop, since we had the money (from a research project). For medium-to low the choice would have perhaps been Dell. Next, we noticed the once famously overpriced Sony Vaio and Apple MacBook are not so expensive any longer, compared to other similar brands in this range (Toshiba, HP…). We thought about a MacBook, but the following ideas convinced us otherwise:

  • Mac hardware is completely standard these days (gone are the days of advanced Motorola’s CPU’s and all that).
  • The OS looks great, and it’s quite stable. But, there’s linux. If someone buys a laptop and never wants to leave a standard graphical environment, Mac is probably the choice, the OS being clearly superior to Vista (I’ve recommended Mac to my father, for instance). But with linux one can have it all in a single laptop.
  • Let’s face it, Vista is convenient when it comes to software, specially in countries like mine, where Macs have always been in the minority.

So, what looks almost as nice as a MacBook? A Sony Vaio, clearly. So, there’s the choice. OpenSUSE 11.0 linux has installed smoothly on it, and runs great. (Some comments on openSUSE on the Vaio will likely follow in a new entry.)


2 thoughts on “Our new laptop

  1. The comments on OpenSuse Linux sounds great. For instance I’m using v.10.3 right now 🙂
    Congratulations for the posts, they’re quite interesting; how about sth more elaborate about scientific sofware?

  2. Scientific software… that’s an idea. But, I am thinking about writing something about the real “underdogs” of scientific sofware: simple programs that really help me each day. xmgrace, g3plot, simple scripts in octave, gnuplot, awk.

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